Book of Common Prayer (page 850)

Q Why did he take our human nature?

A The divine Son became human, so that in him human beings might be
adopted as children of God, and be made heirs of God's kingdom.

Q What is the great importance of Jesus' suffering and death?

A By his obedience, even to suffering and death, Jesus made the
offering which we could not make; in him we are freed from the power
of sin and reconciled to God.

Q What is the significance of Jesus' resurrection?

A By his resurrection, Jesus overcame death and opened for us the way
of eternal life.

Q What do we mean when we say that he descended to the dead?

A We mean that he went to the departed and offered them also the
benefits of redemption.

Q What do we mean when we say that he ascended into heaven and is
seated at the right hand of the Father?

A We mean that Jesus took our human nature into heaven where he now
reigns with the Father and intercedes for us.

Q How can we share in his victory over sin, suffering, and death?

A We share in his victory when we are baptized into the New Covenant
and become living members of Christ.

The New Covenant

Q What is the New Covenant?

A The New Covenant is the new relationship with God given by Jesus
Christ, the Messiah, to the apostles; and, through them, to all who
believe in him.